Policy for seller/vendor/publisher/author

India’s bookseller Marketplace “Buks Kart” Welcome all of you to the online book store. “Buks Kart” Online Book Store prepares your books to be able and strong to reach millions of readers. We are trying committed to ensuring a fair and reliable experience between reader and seller. “Buks Kart” expects you as an online book seller platform to follow the principles of conduct below. Non-adherence to the rules and principles will result in loss of your sales privileges as well as yours from our online books store. Expulsion can occur.

Rules from Buks Kart for seller, author and publishers.

Follow all the laws and policies applicable from “Buks Kart” online book store here.

Always keep yourself updated with us.

Never misrepresent yourself on “Buks Kart” online book store.

If you really want to do something good then Buks Kart expects you to always work in a way that ensures a reliable experience for your readers and customers.

Never list books that are not good for your readers and customers.

Always ensure before listing your book on “Buks Kart” that no book shall be against Any committee, religion, country, any individual person, place or anything who can hurt feelings.

Buks Kart expects you to never engage in any deceptive, inappropriate or offensive behavior. It may contain its own information:

Information given by you on the account of Buks Kart.

Information in the listed books, their textual content or images.

Mobile number given by you, address of your store, email etc.

Work with us impartially at all times.

Behavior that anyone feels has gone wrong or given a wrong book while buying or selling.

Acts such as manipulating customer reviews, including directly or indirectly contributing inaccurate, misleading, or unethical content.

All the wrong activities that can be considered an attempt to manipulate the search results or sales ranking of Buks Kart.

Actions that you willfully do that harm another seller, their listing or their rating, selling and image

You only maintain a seller account for each region in which you sell.

Buks Kart always expects you to join in a fair manner and behave the same for everyone and will always provide better services to your customers by increasing your sales.

Conditions for withdrawing your royalty / rupee

Terms for Author / Seller / Publisher / Vendor from Buks Kart Seller Program

1.    Only the verified author / seller / publisher / vendor will be authorized to withdraw their royalty / rupees.

2.    Buks Kart will ensure that the author / seller / publisher / vendor verified under this seller program will be considered to accept requests for withdrawal by them.

3.    Buks Kart will be sent to author / seller / publisher / vendor within 7 working days* of the Withdraw request sent by him to his bank account.

4.    Writer / Seller / Publisher / Vendor cannot send a minimum amount of Withdraw request for less than 2000 rupees by Buks Kart.

5.    Written withdrawal request sent by the author / seller / publisher / vendor through wrong bank account information will not be accepted and they cannot make any claim in this regard.

6.    Writer / Seller / Publisher / Vendor can send a withdrawal request only up to Rs. 40,000 / – only in a month.

7.    You can send your withdrawal request only after the author / seller / publisher / vendor will get themselves 100% verified by Buks Kart.

8.    The verification has to be completed by the author / seller / publisher / vendor from their own dashboard.

9.    Verified Author / Seller / Publisher / Vendor Bank details can send us for additional UPI ID, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm as acceptable payment gateway to them.

10.  In this verification process, the author / seller / publisher / vendor will have to submit his / her identity card / address certificate online which includes Aadhar card, voter card, ration card, driving license, passport, electricity bill, water bill, gas connection bill or issued by State Government / Central Government, Identity Cards etc.

11.  No legal process will go through the author / seller / publisher / vendor in connection with the payment. Regarding payment, any dispute can be settled by contacting us directly by the author / seller / publisher / vendor.